Saturday, July 14, 2012

Snapshot Saturdays!

My summer has been going great so far, so I thought I would share a few glimpses of it with you!
That's all for today! Thanks, Rachel!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hawaiian Inspiration!

This creation (by me!) is inspired the tropcial destination of Hawaii! The oversized shirt would look great with a skinny belt to keep it from becoming too boxy!

Making Running Fun!

Making Running Fun!

Nike activewear

Nike socks

NIKE strappy shoes

NIKE black hair accessory
$7.82 -

Running is an annoyance to me, so I thought this set would raise my enthusiasm for running!

Off to Paris!

I am in love with Paris, so I thought this creation would be appropriate! I love the rings and the sweater could easily be found for cheap at Marshall's or T.J. Maxx!

Preppy + Nautical!

This is a preppy/nautical outfit I created on Polyvore. The shirt is Hollister, the crops are from Delia's, the bag is by Dolce & Gabbana, and the shoes are Sperrys.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New England Aquarium!

This past week, my mom and I took a daytrip to the New England Aquarium in Boston! I absolutely love the aquarium - with its beautiful fish, colorful gift shop, and delicious cafe. The aquarium itself is a gorgeous structure, extremely modern looking.
In the past few years, the New England Aquarium has been getting some great renovations, so there is always something new during your visit. Just a year or two ago, they put in a unique shark and stingray touch tank, which is truly amazing! Pictures of the touch tank will follow!
The shark and ray touch tank is a one of a kind attraction. The afternoon we were at the aquarium, almost no one was there! There were a few other people in the touch tank area, but not the usual hordes of people. Since there were next to no people, I think the rays and sharks were less intimidated and nervous, and they would come right up to your hand!
After our visit to the aquarium, we got a dessert at Emack and Bolio's right down the street. After eating a scrumptious ice cream, I snapped a few photos!
Thanks for reading! - Rachel