Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello everybody! Welcome to The Flying Elephant! The Flying Elephant is, in fact, a reference to the  Disney movie Dumbo. Dumbo also happens to be one of my favorite Disney movies. In the future, a typical post on The Flying Elephant might include organization tips, Disney World write-ups and info, vacation ideas, a book review, one of my shopping "hauls", or dog information and tips; with colorful photos. My goal for this blog is to help people find unusual wonders of life.

I am Rachel! I am currently a high school student in northern Massachusetts. I love to read, write, and organize. Shopping is fun for me too, and I love to find the best bargains for clothes, accessories, and everything else. I am an avid Disney World fan, visiting at least once a year. Reading is also a favorite of mine. I could spend hours picking out books on Amazon!

I started this blog because I thought it would be a unique way to combine all of my favorite hobbies! I hope that it will grow and prosper!

Thanks for reading,

---- Rachel


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