Monday, May 7, 2012

Disney's Boardwalk Resort

Hi! Today's post will be on Disney's Boardwalk Resort! But, let me clear, this is not ONLY a Disney blog! Anyway, without further ado, I present Disney's Boardwalk Resort!
Exterior of the Boardwalk Resort!
Far away view of the front of Disney's Boardwalk Resort!
Boardwalk lobby!
Chandelier in the lobby!
Garden view from the balcony of the villas!
Flowers on the porch!
Entry from the bellhop area to the lobby and check in desks!
Back view of Tower of Terror from the Boardwalk Villas balcony!
Pretty flowers in the lobby!
Neat view in the lobby!
Carrousel in the lobby!
Boardwalk at night!
Boardwalk at night!
Neat view in front of the Boardwalk!
View of France Pavilion from balcony!
View of France Pavilion from balcony at night!
View of quiet pool from balcony!
Garden view from balcony with France Pavilion and quiet pool!
Crest O' The Wave Sign on the Boardwalk!
Atlantic Dance Hall on the Boardwalk!
View of the entire Boardwalk!
View of Yacht Club from across the lake!
View of Beach Club from across the lake!
Jellyrolls Dueling Piano Bar!
Elephant at the Luna Park Pool!
Leaping Libations at the Luna Park Pool!
Sign on the way to the slide!
Sign on the way to the slide!
Sign on the way to the slide!
Walkway from the Boardwalk to Hollywood Studios!
Another Boardwalk view!
Boardwalk Resort view!
Leaping Libations (food and beverages)!
Luna Park Pool with the Keister Coaster!
Boardwalk courtyard!
Sign on the way from the pool!
Boardwalk view with the Friendship Boats!
International Gateway (separate entrance into Epcot from the Boardwalk area)!
The slide in Luna Park Pool!
View of Flying Fish from the courtyard!
View of the Swan Hotel from the Boardwalk pool (Luna Park Pool)!
Beautiful! And not just your typical hotel view! Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed today's tour of the Boardwalk Resort! ---Rachel


Kristin said...

Amazing photos of the Boardwalk!!!!

Mike Grant said...

Loved the pictures and the post. What is your favorite thing about the Boardwalk Resort?

Rachel said...

hmmm...probably the room views! or the pool!

Rachel said...


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