Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snapshot Saturday!

This has been my first full week of SUMMER VACATION! I am super excited to be off from school, because now I am free to do whatever I want, when I want!!! I figured for a celebration of summer, I would share some of the neat, artsy photos I have taken so far this summer! I take some pretty random photos, so be prepared!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adventures in York

This past Saturday, my mom and I took a day trip up to York, Maine. I have always loved York because of its old-fashioned, beachy feel. There are great shops, dining, and entertainment. The beach in town (Short Sands, I think!) is just gorgeous!
Goldenrod is one of the best known places in York. They have a great little restaurant with authentic American seafood. They have an entire salt water taffy production room, with glass windows so the public can watch! They have a tiny general store of sorts, with kitchen goods, candy, and a huge penny candy counter. The penny candy counter is adorable, but candy can go for up to $1.50 for a particularly unusual or large piece! And don't forget to admire Goldenrod's signature red geraniums!

I hope you enjoyed today's small photo tour of York! York is a great place to go during the summer, always a lively and entertaining place!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer 2012: Bucket List

Hi everyone! My school year has just ended and I am super excited to begin my summer. Every year I have an extremely long to do list that spans over several pages of my notebook! Today, I will share just some of my to do list with you.
  • Go on a trip, maybe Baltimore or Williamsburg

  • Read all of my required summer reading books

  • Read over 20 books on my own

  • Have over 10 sleepovers with either friends or cousins

  • Volunteer at the animal shelter

  • Do all of my projects for school

  • Go mini golfing

  • Go to the movies

  • Write over 15 blog posts this summer

  • Go to the field hockey workouts and tryouts

  • Go to IKEA

  • Go to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

  • Go to the New England Aquarium

  • Visit and tour the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

  • Drive to the beach to find shells and seaglass

  • Go out to eat at Cheesecake Factory

  • Earn over $500 this summer

  • Go downtown Newburyport with friends

  • Be able to run over two miles for field hockey

  • Go to York, Maine for a daytrip

  • Learn how to do the fishtail braid

  • Make a few different Pinterest recipes/crafts

  • Give myself a neat, creative manicure

  • Keep a book log throughout the entire summer

  • Go to Chinatown Boston for dinner and desserts

  • Get a job

  • Get over 2000+ pins on Pinterest

  • Go to Storyland in New Hampshire

  • Make a few purchases on Etsy

  • Go shopping in the Prudential Center in Boston

  • Go shopping in Downtown Crossing in Boston

  • Do some research on potential vacations

  • Buy all of my school supplies

  • Find and buy all of my textbooks online (very inexpensive!)

  • Go shopping at the Outlets in either Kittery or Wrentham

  • Make an organization/craft binder

  • Add to my HUGE Disney Binder

  • Find the perfect pencilcase (obsession!)

  • HAVE FUN!!!

  • That's my summer bucket list! As you can see, I love to be organized! I am looking forward to start my summer as I am still in shock! Thanks for reading! ---Rachel

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    DIY Headbands

    Recently while surfing Pinterest, I came across an adorable headband project by The Long Thread. The Long Thread had a template, instructions, and materials list! On Friday, my grandmother, cousin, and I went out to Joann's Fabric to buy fabrics and the elastic. Following the instructions from the LT, my cousin and I cut them out and my grandmother sewed the headbands and put the elastics in. I think they came out great!
    One of the two materials used
    Pin pattern to the fold of fabric
    Pinned fabric
    Elastic used
    Another view! Hope you enjoyed our headbands! That's all for today! ---Rachel

    Saturday, May 12, 2012

    Disney Shopping - April 2012!

    Hi everyone! Today's post will be of all my new treasures from my Disney trip this past April! I save up my money throughout the year for it! I love to shop in Disney World, they have the best and most varied assortment of stuff, it is great! So let's get started!
    Disney World 3-D 2012 Postcard!
    Disney World Mouse Ear Postcard!
    Mickey Mouse Head Outline Earrings!
    Disney World Collector Packs (Contents of two packs in picture)
    Disney World Mini Figures Package
    Vintage Style Charm Bracelet(not Disney themed, but still cute)!
    Cornflower Blue Mickey Mouse Pashmina Scarf!
    Two separate bracelets - Viva Bead on top, Clear Jewel Braided on bottom!
    The Seven Dwarfs Toy Figure Set (Set of 7)!
    Mickey Mouse Moveable Body Necklace!
    Several different Mickey Mouse Style Keychains!
    Colorful Mickey Mouse Head Elastic Bracelet!
    New Vinylmation Line - Cutesters at the Beach!
    I got the Seagull - very cute!
    Disney World Lip Smackers Collaboration - Pooh Bear Honey Dip Donut Lip Balm!
    Mickey Mouse Jewel Outlined Headband!
    Mickey Mouse Head Ombre Colored Hair Clips!
    Mickey Mouse Beads - Compatibles with Chamilia!
    Disney LittleMissMatched Socks - Mickey Mouse Faces - Adorable!
    2012 Disney World Pen!
    Disney World Duffy Bear Keychain!
    Animal Kingdom Tote Bag!
    Pattern on "Hidden Mickey" Sundress!
    Mickey Mouse Pencil Sharpeners!
    Logo on my Polynesian Minnie Mouse T Shirt!
    Bracelet made of Grocery Bags for animal research!
    Neat beaded bracelet from the Mexico Pavilion!
    Mickey Mouse Pop Art Style Flip Flops!
    Rubber Bracelet with Metal Cuff from Mexico Pavilion!
    Mickey Mouse Pink Signature Flip Flops!
    Mickey Mouse Glitter Hair Clips!
    Mickey Mouse Tie Dye Headband!
    Disney Conservation Hero Button with Information Card!
    Leis from the Polynesian (free)!
    Walt Disney World Old-Fashioned/Vintage Coasters! That was my Disney World - April 2012 shopping haul! I was especially pleased with the selection this year! Thanks for reading! --Rachel