Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New England Aquarium!

This past week, my mom and I took a daytrip to the New England Aquarium in Boston! I absolutely love the aquarium - with its beautiful fish, colorful gift shop, and delicious cafe. The aquarium itself is a gorgeous structure, extremely modern looking.
In the past few years, the New England Aquarium has been getting some great renovations, so there is always something new during your visit. Just a year or two ago, they put in a unique shark and stingray touch tank, which is truly amazing! Pictures of the touch tank will follow!
The shark and ray touch tank is a one of a kind attraction. The afternoon we were at the aquarium, almost no one was there! There were a few other people in the touch tank area, but not the usual hordes of people. Since there were next to no people, I think the rays and sharks were less intimidated and nervous, and they would come right up to your hand!
After our visit to the aquarium, we got a dessert at Emack and Bolio's right down the street. After eating a scrumptious ice cream, I snapped a few photos!
Thanks for reading! - Rachel

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snapshot Saturday!

This has been my first full week of SUMMER VACATION! I am super excited to be off from school, because now I am free to do whatever I want, when I want!!! I figured for a celebration of summer, I would share some of the neat, artsy photos I have taken so far this summer! I take some pretty random photos, so be prepared!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Adventures in York

This past Saturday, my mom and I took a day trip up to York, Maine. I have always loved York because of its old-fashioned, beachy feel. There are great shops, dining, and entertainment. The beach in town (Short Sands, I think!) is just gorgeous!
Goldenrod is one of the best known places in York. They have a great little restaurant with authentic American seafood. They have an entire salt water taffy production room, with glass windows so the public can watch! They have a tiny general store of sorts, with kitchen goods, candy, and a huge penny candy counter. The penny candy counter is adorable, but candy can go for up to $1.50 for a particularly unusual or large piece! And don't forget to admire Goldenrod's signature red geraniums!

I hope you enjoyed today's small photo tour of York! York is a great place to go during the summer, always a lively and entertaining place!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer 2012: Bucket List

Hi everyone! My school year has just ended and I am super excited to begin my summer. Every year I have an extremely long to do list that spans over several pages of my notebook! Today, I will share just some of my to do list with you.
  • Go on a trip, maybe Baltimore or Williamsburg

  • Read all of my required summer reading books

  • Read over 20 books on my own

  • Have over 10 sleepovers with either friends or cousins

  • Volunteer at the animal shelter

  • Do all of my projects for school

  • Go mini golfing

  • Go to the movies

  • Write over 15 blog posts this summer

  • Go to the field hockey workouts and tryouts

  • Go to IKEA

  • Go to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston

  • Go to the New England Aquarium

  • Visit and tour the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

  • Drive to the beach to find shells and seaglass

  • Go out to eat at Cheesecake Factory

  • Earn over $500 this summer

  • Go downtown Newburyport with friends

  • Be able to run over two miles for field hockey

  • Go to York, Maine for a daytrip

  • Learn how to do the fishtail braid

  • Make a few different Pinterest recipes/crafts

  • Give myself a neat, creative manicure

  • Keep a book log throughout the entire summer

  • Go to Chinatown Boston for dinner and desserts

  • Get a job

  • Get over 2000+ pins on Pinterest

  • Go to Storyland in New Hampshire

  • Make a few purchases on Etsy

  • Go shopping in the Prudential Center in Boston

  • Go shopping in Downtown Crossing in Boston

  • Do some research on potential vacations

  • Buy all of my school supplies

  • Find and buy all of my textbooks online (very inexpensive!)

  • Go shopping at the Outlets in either Kittery or Wrentham

  • Make an organization/craft binder

  • Add to my HUGE Disney Binder

  • Find the perfect pencilcase (obsession!)

  • HAVE FUN!!!

  • That's my summer bucket list! As you can see, I love to be organized! I am looking forward to start my summer as I am still in shock! Thanks for reading! ---Rachel